Samus Cardigan Knitalong

Friday, September 30, 2005

Samus-ing along

Here is my progress on Samus. I hope the finished shot, in a few months, will show the cables better. It only took three attempts to pick up the stitches for the body. It was late at night, and I was glued to the Weather Channel. as we don't have cable at home...
The yarn is Tweed Cascade 220, color 7607. 90% Peruvian Highland Wool, 10% Donegal Tweed, according to the tag.


I decided to do shaping on my Samus (I'm not quite there yet - I've finished with both sleeves, and I'm currently just starting the second repeat of the waist cable band). I adapted shaping from Knitty's Rosedale, because... well, because I love Rosedale something fierce, I've knit two, and I know how the waist shaping will come out. Plus it's a cardigan knit in the round. I wrote it all out for the XL, breaking up the left, back, and right. It'll be really simple AND will break up some of the monotony of the stockinette.

Is anyone else planning on doing any sort of shaping to the body of their Samuses?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Getting there!

It's coming along quicker than I thought it would. My piece measures about 11" from the hem, so just a bit more before I split for front/back.

Still knitting the sleeves

It seems like it is taking forever. When they are finally done, both will be done.
I bought a pair of Clover bamboo flex needles today. What I really needed was a longer size 8 circular. I have every other size needle in longer lengths, not 8's. JoAnn's did not have the length either so I bought these to try. I could not leave the store without using my 40% coupon was what it was. Somehow I feel like I am missing out on something if I do not use it.
Hopefullly by the end of the week the sleeves will be done. I think that is a realistic goal. Let's see if I accomplish it.


Last night I noticed a mistake in the saxon braid. I'm at work so I can't post a closeup picture. What it looks like I did was repeat a row, so it looks like there's a twist in it. I'm thinking about making this the right sleeve. The twist would be on the pinkie side of the arm. My other choice is to frog it and start over. I'm not very far into it, so frogging it wouldn't be so horrible. But who wants to frog something you worked so hard on. Any suggestions?

Monday, September 26, 2005

It's amazing what one weekend, a few episodes of Alias, and a lot of free time can to do a sweater.

Picture036My Samus went from one tiny cabled band on Friday to a complete sleeve, and a good start for the next one by Sunday night. The yarn is lovely - it does split a little too easily, but is easly fixed by pulling and prodding the yarn. The cables show up beautifully, the color is wonderful, the fabric it creates is nice and heavy, with a good drape, and it's so soft - so soft that I can't imagine it ever even dreamed of being itchy. Also it's superwash. I don't know how it will hold up to pilling, and wear, but right now I'm in love. If you're still trying to figure out a yarn to purchase for Samus, I would highly reccomend Elann's Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi.

Picture037I was a little worried about transitioning from the cabled cuff to the sleeve of the sweater - I'm really bad at eyeing measurements and picking up stitches, and often have to rip back because I've picked up too many stitches. By some stroke of luck, that didn't happen - I picked up exactly 54 stitches, nice and evenly spaced, the first time around. I love how easily the sleeve body blends into the cable pattern - it looks wonderful and seamless, and very neat. I like that a lot. It was a little awkward knitting the first few rows, becaue the cable band is so much bulkier than simple stockinette, but it manipualted easily, and after a few rows, it was fine.

It's been a relatively quick knit, once I sat down to it. I did the second sleeve band in an afternoon (OK, an afternoon that stretched into an evening), and picked up the stitches for it last night. I'm a little scared for the sheer number of repeats for the body cable band, but I'll bite that bullet when I get to it, I suppose!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jumping in mid-stream

Hi! I'm Amy, and I just found this blog this morning, when I gave my eyes a break after finishing the Saxon Braid for the waistband. (Why, oh why did I decide to make this for MYSELF, an XL on a good day!) 10 repeats made my eyes buggy, but now that it's done, I can chill out and knit the stockinette mindlessly for a while.

Anyway, I chose KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in "Grass," and I'm satisfied with it thus far. I have about 8-10 rows of stockinette done above the braid-band. (Please ignore the cheap circ's.... I only had 16" on hand and ran to the ONLY store nearby that's open on Sunday and all I could find there was this set of cheap 29's. I'm going to hit my LYS tomorrow and get bamboo 36" and just return

As promised...

Here is my picture of the saxon cable with the first set done...

Only 6 or 7 more to go. I still haven't decided what size I'm going to knit. I'm leaning more towards the large.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The promised picture

Here is a picture of sleeve one minus the cap shaping. I'll probably do that either tonight or tomorrow. I needed a sleeve break so I started a pair of felted slippers this afternoon :-) The color in the picture is more blue than the deep purple of the actual sleeve.

A poor me update

Poor me - I own a yarn shop, and have no time to knit! I've gotten 4 repeats into the body braid, because the only time I can knit on non-shop-knitting is at night when I'm home. So progress is slow, but it is happening! And to top it off, my camera lens broke, grrr! Hopefully I can borrow a camera soon to post an actual picture, until then, I'm plugging away :)


My name is Marla and this will be my first sweater project. Ever since the Fall Knitty came out, I knew I wanted to knit Samus. I started by teaching myself how to do cables, which were much easier than I thought. Last night I was able to purchase 8 skeins of Lamb's Pride in Forest Green. I'm not an orange person, but this green was screaming, knit me, I'm perfect! Also I did my gauge swatch last night. I'll be using size 8 Susan Bates Quicksilver ciculars. The were the only ones in 36 inches the store had. For the braid, I'm using size 8 straight Clovers because they are a little easier to work with.

If anyone is interested, I wrote out the Saxon braid pattern in a Word document. By that I mean a changed when the pattern says to 3PRC to have the actually directions written out (Slip next st to cable needle, hold to back of work, k2, p1 from cable needle). I found it easier to work with and right now I'm testing it to make sure it is correct.

When I finish my first section of braid, I'll post a picture of it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Sleeve Update

I'm about 14" into the first sleeve. It looks like I will be just about done after I finish the second set of increase rows. At this rate I should be done with the sleeves by the end of next week. Now if I could just find a way to avoid working I could do a lot more knitting. I'll post a picture after I recharge my camera batteries. I thought I'd spare you the awful pictures from my phone :-)

Sleeve Update

I am working on both sleeves. For some reason I do not feel like I have made much progress this week. I guess my expectations were unreasonable. I like the way the cuff and the sleeve look. The stitches that were picked up blend very nicely. As an afterthought I possibly would have liked to add the I cord to the upper edge as well before I picked up the stitches for a different look. Hmmm, I could go back I have not knitted that much. I will have to think about it. We will see what I decide.
Anxious to see some other progress photos.

The push is on

No picture. If you want to see my Samus project, scroll down to my last post and add a few repeats to what you see. I am bound and determined to have the waistband done and the body stitches picked up by 3:30 today, so I can hang out and knit, chartless, during my daughter's dance class. Too bad I have a life that needs attention and I can't devote the whole day to knitting. I would have done more, but I was busy finishing my first Clapotis.

I've got two repeats left, and I have happily adopted the no-cable-needle approach to this project, which is working out wonderfully. The unknown quantity, however, is how many times I am going to have to pick up body stitches before I get it right. (I am a very intelligent person who scored 750 on her math SATs. I just can't count.)

Can it be done by this afternoon, given that I have to finish mowing the lawn; today is (according to my flylady schedule) vacuum and mop day; and I have a million other things to take care of? Yes, it can be done. I just have to get off the computer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

One sleeve down..

I finished a sleeve this morning, and now want to start the braid for the body, but promised I wouldn't until I made some progress on the never-ending blanket (a Christms gift for my parents) Now, if I can only get my digital camera program on the computer! I think the problem is I've been planning on doing it myself. What do I think those 4 kids are for, anyway! Besides, we all know they can do it faster than me...
How's everyone else coming?

Hello everyone!

I am a new knitter and this is my first sweater project so I am happy to know that I have a support system out there in this knitalong. I have been looking for a sweater to knit for a while now that would keep my interest and challenge my skills, but not be so hard that it would send me running for the hills. As soon as this pattern came out I knew it had to be the one! My experience with yarns is very limited as I have only done a couple of felted bags up to this point with Lamb's Pride, Noro Kureyon, and Cascade 220. (Although I have to confess that none of those have actually been felted yet - the process intimidates me.) Anyway, Cascade 220 was my choice for this project in a kid of heathery dark purple color and I am doing it on Addi Turbos, which I have fallen in love with. Since this is the first cabling I have ever done it was a slow start for me, but I am happy to say that I have done 7 and a half repeats on the bottom band and I think it will have a total of nine to make sure it is comfortably roomy. Hopefully pictures will be coming shortly, but there is a slight learning curve there that I have to overcome first. Any suggestions on the best way for a newbie to the blogging world to post photos?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hello and My Yarn Choice

Hi Everybody!

I'm new to this group and also new to blogging, and I'm excited about knitting this sweater. I've recently picked up my needles again, after not knitting for about fifteen years. I'm amazed by the wonderful yarn choices available now!

Well, I think that I've decided to make this sweater in the Lamb's Pride Worsted, in the color of clematis, which is a nice purple. I'm a litte concerned whether the cables will show up in this dark color, so I'm going to start with the cables and see how they look.

As soon as I get my swatch knit up, I'll try to post a photo, so far I'm having trouble getting a picture uploaded to the blog.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress here.

Claire in Colorado

Using the chart

I have never really successfully knitted from a chart before. I decided to be ambitious and restrict myself to the chart for this sweater. But, the chart was so small and I kept losing my place so I used Jessie's idea of color coding the chart and I also enlarged it, cut it out and laminated it. I bought a small magnet board and line magnifier from Knit Picks when I bought my yarn and ta da!! I've had no problems at all following my new chart! I know this sounds like a lot of effort, and it is, but it's worth it.

Halfway along braid

I just started knitting this project two days ago. I'm using Knit Picks "Wool of the Andes" in Pumpkin. It's much more of a subdued orange than it appears in this picture. On size 8, Denise Interchangeable needles. I'm also not using a cable needle for the first time. I feel like a dolt for not having tried it sooner, it's way easier! Okay, enough babbling. Here's how the Saxon braid looks so far.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sleeve Saxon Braid

One more to knit then I can start the sleeves. My decision has been made to start with the sleeves. The knitting moves along fairly quickly. I do like the yarn choice (Lamb's Pride) although I wish the color Wild Oak was available. I am going to start thinking if I really want a zipper for the front or some type of button closure. I need to search through my patterns and books to see if I can come up with some ideas. I feel better now that I have made some progress.

Ready to start

I've decided to use the Patons Classic Merino in Rich Red - didn't I see someone else considering this same yarn & color? The cables show up beautifully! I'm going to start the body today, as I'm sick and can't keep up with the cables!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yarn Arrived Today

That was a speedy delivery considering I ordered it Tuesday. My swatch came out perfect, right on gauge. I have now started the Saxon Braid. I have to catch up with all of you. Ok, time for choices also. Do I knit the sleeves first or body of the sweater? I decided there are too many cable crosses in this piece to practice the new cable technique. You are a brave girl, Jessie. I will save that for another project. I will take a photo tomorrow.

Making slow but steady progress

I've just started my fourth repeat. It's not fast, but I don't spend that much time knitting, because it involves sitting down not being bothered every five minutes by every human and non-human mammal in my house. My modest goal is to finish the waistband by Friday and start picking up body stitches in the wee hours of Saturday morning, when I at least stand a fighting chance for some uninterruped time to swear (quietly, so as not to disturb the creatures) at my miscounting and bad measuring.

I think this photo gives a decent depiction of Tahiti Teal. I think the cables are showing up just fine, despite my feeling that I would have preferred a lighter color.

Good News!

My yarn came in today and while it is not the same dye lot as the skeins that I had in the stash the colors appear to be the same! I am still going to go with the original plan and do the cabled bits from one dye lot and knit the body from the other. That way if there is a negligible difference in the dying it will loot like a design element. I can now stop being so tentative and go full steam ahead!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy to be here!

I'm looking forward to following everyone's progress, and benefiting form the input. I just washed a swatch of 50/50 silk/merino, and am waiting for it to dry. I think I might have to go to smaller needles, and find something other than Addi's, as it was a bit slippery., but it was my splurge at MDSWF, and I've been waiting for something special.
Is anyone modifying the pattern? I was thinking shorter zipper, ending in a v-neck would be better for me, but am not sure of how I'd do that.

my wool choice and swatch

I finished my swatch for Samus, and managed to find the right yarn/needle combo on the first try. Yay! I'm using Elann Peruvian Highand Wool, in a shade of purple whose name I don't remember. (I bought it a while ago.) I'm using size 8 Bernat bamboo needles, which are new to me, and very lovely to knit with.

The Elann wool is nice and soft, and has a lot of drape to it. It expanded a tiny bit when I washed it, but that put me right on gauge, so I'm not complaining. The fabric is actually a bit looser and drapier than I'd usually choose (I prefer bulletproof fabric ;), but it's quite lovely, and I think it will work great with this design.

I probably won't cast on for a while, since I have other projects to occupy me now, but I thought I'd share the info in case it's useful to anyone who is still looking for yarn recommendations. Here's a picture of the swatch, if you're curious:

- Rebekkah

An Executive Decision

Yep, I've made one. I have decided that in order to see that there is progress being made that I will knit the sleeve cuffs first and then the waist band. That way, not only can I see finished elements of the sweater, but I can also wear the cuff bands as wristlets while I work on the rest of the sweater :-) What ever it takes to get me through, right?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Newly Started Samus


I'm making Samus in Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi, a merino yarn I got from It's wonderfully soft, superwash, and the color I'm using ('Wedgewood,' according to Elann) is just beautiful. I'm using the reccomended US8s, and everything seems to be going well in the gauge dept.

So last night, I was so excited to run home and cast on for Samus. I swatched first, trying it on 7s because I tend to think that everything should be knit rather tightly - I had to move to 8s and was swatching when I thought that I wouldn't like the fabric that I got if I went up any higher, and knowing that on US7s I was only off by a less than a stitch, I dug in with the US8s.

That cable nearly killed me. I had never really cabled before.

Picture034_2Let's start with the beginning: I can't really tell my right from my left. I mean, I can if I think about it, but I have to think about it - it's not something that comes to me naturally or quickly. I had also never read a chart before, so cabling from the chart was a bit of a challenge (I didn't like doing it from the written out pattern).
I kept on knitting when I should purl and twisting cables the wrong way because I was having so much trouble recognizing where each cable should be leaning in the pattern. So I grabbed some colored pens, and I color-coded my sheets.
I ripped out my first try at the cable, and CO again, this time with the cuff in mind - something small.

I was having at it, doing great, having no trouble knowing where each cable was supposed to go and what to do, but it was very slow. I kept on dropping the cable needle, and it was just unweildy to have all of these pointy things everywhere (says the knitter who loves DPNs!).

So I consulted some webpages, and learned to cable with a cable needle. That was the best idea ever!

I did run into one snag, as you can see in the picture (I will apologize for the poor quality - it's from my cell phone). I crossed a cable in the wrong direction, but didn't notice until much later, and I just didn't have the stamina to rip back. I don't mind too much - it's not overly noticable, it's only one mistake, and it's going to be the sleeve cuff, so it won't be seen a lot. I know it's silly to ask, but there is no way to fix it without ripping back, right?

I'm so excited to read about everyone's progress!


Joining the Group

Hi everyone,

I have itching to knit this one since I saw it last week. I have 14 skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in a nice tan color. I have so many bright colored cardigans that it's time for something neutral for the Fall wardrobe! This is going to be a great Stash Buster for me. The DH will be proud since I am kind of on a self-inflicted yarn diet. lol. I hope to get started this weekend after I get back from my business trip tomorrow.

aka Holy Knitballs!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Hi, I'm Linda and I love the Samus Cardigan! I ordered a color card from Knitpicks Yarn for the Wool of the Andes. I have no idea what color I'll choose though. Cables look best in a light to medium color, don't you think? I can't wait to get started, but the color selection process could be difficult.

And so we begin. This Saxon braid thing is really working out for me. I am not very experienced wtih cables, so keeping the mental energy to one cable rather than a whole line of them is a bit easier to handle. The only problem for me with cables is that I am a leftie who knits left to right. (I should switch to continental but that's a whole other story.) So my LCs are actually RCs and vice versa. But it only took one full repeat to get the rhythm and not have to look at the cable instructions each time. (My daughter started gymnastics yesterday, which gave me 90 minutes to work. Not quite enough time to finish the first repeat, but I did more at home and it's getting faster.) I am totally hopeless when it comes to charts, which look like some twisted IQ test where all the shapes are similar but reversed or upside down. My head swims. So I'm loving the written directions. But one question: Why write out all the wrong-side directions instead of just saying, "Knit the knit stitches, purl the purls"?

My yarn is Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride worsted in Tahiti Teal. My first choice was actually a lighter gray-green, but they were one skein short and I wasn't going to gymnastics empty-handed. I spent some time drooling over some Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair but it wouldn't fit in my under-$100 price range. Nor would the Noro Silk Garden, which I think would really have made this sweater draw some attention. So in the end, I went with the basics, and I'm okay with that. Not ecstatic, but okay.

As long as I don't drop my cable needle under the bleachers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Waiting for my yarn

Hi Everyone,
I am so jealous you are all swatching and knitting and I am waiting. I ordered my yarn this morning. Looking forward to knitting Samus.

Holy Poo, Batman!

Oh, ladies. And gents, if there are gents. This cable is going to whup my fanny. I suppose it would help if I had more experience than making Coronet this past spring (which turned out really nicely in Kureyon). Seriously, though, after an hour or so of cursing and tinking and cabling and cursing and tinking and cursing some more, I finished 20 rows of the first repeat. Thank goodness it's so pretty, or I'd have set it on fire by now.

Monday, September 12, 2005

One Down, Nine to Go!

Here's the first repeat of the waist band. I love knitting cables, but I do it so slowly it must be painful to watch. I figured out yesterday that I didn't have enough yarn in this color to knit the whole sweater so I had to order more. Knowing that the dye lot number will most likely be different I decided to do all three cabled bits first and then the rest of the sweater just in case there was a bit of difference in the intensity of the color. At least then it will look like a design element :-) If the color is too terribly different then it looks like I'll be knitting the cabled bits twice! Here's a picture of my progress (excuse the Cat in the Hat pajamas :-) ).

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saxon Braid progress

So, OK, I stopped working on Eyelet Cardi, after I had to rip out some of the yoke again. This is Cascade 220 tweed on a size US 8 Susan Bates circ, one repeat of the braid. This is very nice yarn, and I am enjoying seeing the braid form.

I'm In

Not sure what I'm thinking, but I'm all over this cardigan. I was originally planning it for myself, but now I think my stepmother might like it. I don't see anyone using the Lamb's Pride as called for in the pattern but I'm going to go for it. It tends to be my worsted yarn of choice and I love the colors it comes in.

I am going to be a good girl and swatch this on some yarn in my stash before I spring for the new stuff. I tend to knit a bit loose so I'll use needles one size down and see what happens. This is my first knitalong, and I am hoping that everyone's progress keeps me motivated. But hopefully a few of you will drop the ball so I don't feel like the slowest on in the group.

I am just finishing up the flora neckwarmer, also from the latest knitty issue, and I have vowed not to start Samus until that's done. Excuse me while I go knit.

Wool of the Andes Gauge

Wool of the Andes calls for 20st/4 in. on US 8s. I swatched tonight on 5-9 in order to see how the fabric turned out and what it took to get gauge. I had to go up to US 9 Denise needles in order to get gauge. Now I just need to decide how much ease I am going to need in the sweater. The finished measurments include ease eight? For example, if I have a 36 in. chest (I wish) and want an inch or two of ease I should knit the next size up rather than the 36" small, correct?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Decisions, decisons

Gee, I don't want to read about getting gauge with 7s and Cascade 220 when I bought a size 8 32" circ today specifically for this sweater. I was kind of trying to decide between a denim colored Mission Falls 1824 wool and the bright turquoise Cascade 220 tweed I decided to sell the day before the Samus pattern came out. Good thing nobody wanted to buy it. I am ALMOST finished with the cotton Eyelet Cardi. I have resolved not to start Samus until the other sweater is done, though I am sitting here thinking, "Hmmm, should I knit a swatch with the Cascade?" Only one hank is wound into a ball. It's still near 90 degrees here.

Choices. Choices.

Right. So I have some lovely misdyed Cascade wool that is sort of a rosy brown that I had bought thinking of doing Kepler. And I could use that. OR I could actually frog this old orange sweater that no one wears anymore and knit the thing of recycled wool... and have an orange sweater. I'm pretty sure I can make both of them fit the gauge eventually. What do you think? Rosy brown new wool? Or orange recycled wool?


I got gauge with Cascade 220 on size 7 needles, which is a fantastic thing. I'm on the ol' yarn diet, and that's the only yarn I have enough of. It's all I can do to keep from abandoning every other project I have to work on this exclusively. Such an awesome sweater!

A start

I got started Thursday night (Friday is the "drive the kids all over the place" day, so sadly, there is no further progress to report) I'm two repeats in, and as I know noone really wants to read when they can oogle pictures, here ya go :)


Ok, so I got gauge with the hemp/wool but it just didn't hold the cables in a crisp way. So tonight I decided to go ahead and swatch with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. I think that Hyacinth is the color that is calling to me. I just finished doing a cardigan in Burly Spun (Orange You Glad) and I figure there are only so many sweaters of the exact same color that a person can have! So tomorrow we swatch for gauge and for cable detail. Pictures soon!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Got Gauge?

Yep, as a matter of fact I do! Tonight I swatched for Samus. Want proof?


From the bottom up. Knitting with Addis actually gave me loose fabric and 20-21 stitches/4 inches. Then I decided to try 8s in Ebony Lantern Moon straights because I find that Addis usually give me pretty true gauge but any wood needles give me gauge that is off by 1-3 needles sizes depending on the yarn because I knit insanely tight. The LMs gave me 19sts/4" gave me gauge on yarn that calls for US 7s. The next part of the swatch was knit on Denise circs because I can't knit the whole thing on straight needles. I got gauge on 8s there too. So it looks like I have needles selected as long as this yarn shows the cables well. If not it's back to the drawing board and probably a trip to River Knits for different yarn. Wish me luck! I'm on to the cabled waistband.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I couldn't wait!

I know I should have, but the lure was just too strong... I cast on tonight. I wanted to use Eco+ in a rusty orange, but didn't have enough, so I'm using a tweedy wine Jo Sharp. Had to drop my needles down to a 7 to get gauge, but I've done two repeats of the body cable, and I'm itching to do more! Pictures tomorrow night, I left my camera at work.

The Samus

OK.. Its Official.. I belong to the Samus Knit along.... :)
Tomorrow I will look thru my "stash" and see what lovely yarn I come up with for the sweater!!
I'm pretty sure it will be Pink Cotton Fleece.... Yummmmmmm

Out of Stock

I saw the pattern for Samus last night at around 10pm. One look and I knew I had to make it. Within ten minutes I had an order processing to buy the exact yarn called for in the pattern at WEBS. Well this morning I found out I wasn't as lucky as I had thought. WEBS was out of stock and wouldn't have the yarn for weeks. *tantrum* I want to start right now.

So I went looking and ended up ordering THIS. It's a 5lb cone mill end of the same yarn as in the pattern. I will probably have twice as much as I need so if any of you would like some, let me know. It should be here by the beginning of the week.

Here's a button for your blog. Feel free to create and submit new buttons!

It's a New Knitalong

I couldn't resist starting a knitalong for this one. As soon as the new Knitty came out folks all over the blogosphere blogged about wanting to start it right away. I was one of them! So here we are. I'll blog about yarn choice tomorrow after I swatch for this puppy!

Email me at samusknitalong(at)gmail(dot)com to join the knitalong blog! There is also a yahoo group at