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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sleeve Saxon Braid

One more to knit then I can start the sleeves. My decision has been made to start with the sleeves. The knitting moves along fairly quickly. I do like the yarn choice (Lamb's Pride) although I wish the color Wild Oak was available. I am going to start thinking if I really want a zipper for the front or some type of button closure. I need to search through my patterns and books to see if I can come up with some ideas. I feel better now that I have made some progress.


  • That color is absolutely beautiful! I love my purple choice too, but I may have to do another one in a gold/tan color for the spring :-)

    By Blogger Samantha, at 3:05 PM  

  • Your braid is looking really great. It's good to see how others' are doing so I don't think mine looks weird. Can someone please tell me how I sign up for this knitalong? I'm blog-challenged apparently and can't figure out how to do anything but leave comments. Sorry!

    By Blogger Kelly, at 8:17 PM  

  • Email samusknitalong(at)gmail(dot)com to join the knitalong blog.

    By Blogger Samantha, at 8:25 PM  

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