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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

another finished Samus

I finished my Samus a couple of days ago, but forgot to post here. First, here are a couple of pictures:

The zipper isn't perfect, but I'm a wreck with sewing anything other than seams, so it's fine for now.

I used Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool, which worked very nicely. It expanded a tiny bit more than I expected when I washed it, but since the size I made would have only had 2" of ease, the sweater still fits just fine. (I think it ended up only being 1"-2" wider than I expected, based on my post-washing swatch. Not bad, over an entire sweater.)

I posted a few days ago about the alternate icord method I used. That method creates a rather wide ridge on the wrong side, making it hard to really sew a 7/8" ribbon in. I just left out the ribbon and sewed the zipper directly on to that ridge. Also, I left out the icord edging on the sleeves, because I didn't want the sleeves any longer. I think they look okay without any edging, but I may decide to add a crochet chain stitch edging at some point, if I change my mind about that.


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