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Monday, October 31, 2005

Samus and I fell out!

I fell out with my knitting last week. I didn't get the Samus waistband done before I left so I pack it into my carryon bag to work on during the flight. I had 3 repeats left to do, but after teaching all day and driving an hour to the airport I did one before I feel asleep. That was fine, we were still on speaking terms.

Now Friday afternoon was a different story. We came back to the hotel to try to sleep since we pretty much hadn't the previous night. I decided to work on the cabled bit. I finished my second to last repeat and sat back to admire it. looked a little wonky. I thought about it and looked again and then realized that I had transposed a row pattern or two. I'm sure that the 2 margaritas had nothing to do with it! Next came the time to try to fix it. An hour later I just ripped back and tried to pick the stitches back up the right way. Try that on a Celtic cable why dontcha? That took as long as trying to fix it did. I was stressed out and ready to cry! I finally got the stitches back on the needle and threw the whole damned thing in a bag.

Guess what? I was so pissed that I didn't knit any more at all while I was in Seattle. I did pull Samus out of the bag last night at the airport and finished the last 2 repeats, picked up the stitches, and started the miles of stockinette stitch. Now we are up and running. Hopefully things will get better.


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