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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

sleeve and edging

I thought I'd post a whimsical Samus picture here, since we all know what sleeves and fields of stockinette look like already, anyway.

That's the sleeve that hasn't yet been attached to the body. The rest of the seaming (including seaming that sleeve into a tube) is done. It went very smoothly. My yarn (Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool) expanded a little bit more than I expected when I washed it, but everything was still in proportion, so setting in the first sleeve was easy as pie.

Any thoughts on the icord edging? I've actually done it for a sweater before, but it was knit top-down, so I got to work with live stitches, instead of picking up stitches. I anticipate it will take a lot longer for Samus, since I have to pick up stitches, which for me means I need to use a crochet hook in addition to my DPNs. (I've just never been able to pick up stitches with just a knitting needle. A hook is a necessity for me.) I had plans to do all the edging tonight, but I don't think that's going to happen. :-/


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