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Monday, December 05, 2005

At last! it's done

At last! it's done
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Hi all! I am finally jumping in on the knitalong now that I have finished the waistband and am ready to pick up stitches. This is in Paton's Classic Merino, Rich Red. I've never used this yarn before, and so far it's OK, but it's not love at first knit. Still, I'm happy with the way it came out with the cables. It was also springy enough that cabling without cable needles was relatively easy. That said, I did have to work through some cable and gauge issues since the change in technique changed the gauge. All is well now - downsizing the needle to a 7 seemed to fix it.

Now to block and pick up stitches. This will be great TV knitting now that miles of stockinette lie before me :)


  • I'm using the same yarn as you! I really like it, though I've put mine on hold until I finish my parent's blanket for Christmas. So far, I have one sleeve, and 1/3 of the waistband done. I can't wait to start it again, after seeing how nice yours is looking!

    By Blogger Lyn, at 10:26 AM  

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